Rates and Billing

All work is billed at a fixed rate per the following:

  • Hourly: $160/hr, 90 minutes minimum
  • Half day: 4 hours, $600
  • Full day: 8 hours, $1000

Setup, teardown, and loading (as required) are billed at full rate. Clients are encouraged to provide parking and load-in access to reduce billed hours to a minimum.

Rates do not include passthrough expenses like permits, studio time, equipment rental, or mileage (applies only outside Cook County.) Camera and lighting equipment including strobes are included within the base rate; complex studio setups, special effects, set construction, tethered shooting, and live upload of images to clients require additional fees.

A 50% deposit plus all passthrough fees is required at time of reservation. This deposit is nonrefundable, as are any passthrough purchases made on behalf of the client.